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Do you work with machinery, firearms, fencing equipment, drive tractors/quad/bikes/motorbikes or work in an isolated area?? The Critical Emergency Kit is an essential life-saving addition to have in every vehicle, every workshop and every workplace. Our Critical Emergency Kit can treat severe life threatening bleeds and amputations, snake bites, hypothermia, sprain and fracture immobilisation.


Critical Emergency Kit

The Critical Emergency Kit is an essential life-saving addition to have in every vehicle, every workshop and every workplace. Our Critical Emergency Kit has been designed by our Emergency Preparedness team of experienced paramedics to treat the following conditions:

  • Traumatic amputation (Chainsaw accidents, Quad bike/vehicle rollovers, rotating machinery accidents, falling sheet iron etc)
  • Severe and moderate bleeding (gunshot wounds, gord by horns, barbed wire, metal work mishaps, broken glass, knife accidents, star pickets etc)
  • Snake and Spider Bite treatment (Australian snake bites and Funnel web spider bites)
  • Fracture immobolisation
  • Hypothermia (via blood loss, isolated while injured etc)
  • Injuries requiring an arm sling
  • Sprained joints

The Critical Emergency Kit is an integral component of emergency haemorrhage control, wound treatment and venomous snake bites in pre-hospital situations. Its robust design and ease of use and make it a must-have item for any person working or living in hazardous, high risk or remote environments. The kit contains a combat-proven and clinically-proven direct pressure Emergency Bandage and an arterial Tourniquet that have both been adopted by military and civilian ambulance services worldwide.

Contents of the Critical Emergency Kit & Features

  • The Emergency Bandage (Israeli Bandage) – Innovative combat-proven direct pressure bandage with a trauma bandage and secondary dressing all in one. (This is for big nasty wounds that need treatment now!)
  • Arterial Tourniquet – Quick, easy and effective application; and self application, even one-handed. A person can bleed to death in less than 5 minutes – this tourniquet will stop a preventable death.
  • Snake Bite bandage – The AeroForm Premium Snake Bite Bandage with Continuous Indicators is a Premium Heavyweight Conforming Bandage. Perfect for use with the Pressure Immobilisation Technique, which is used for the treatment of all Australian Snake and Funnel Webbed Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell stings.
  • Thermal/Space blanket – is an especially low-weight, low-bulk blanket made of heat-reflective thin plastic sheeting that reduces heat loss. Excessive heat loss leads to hypothermia, an extremely dangerous condition. Space blankets stop both evaporative and convective heat loss.
  • Triangular bandage x 2 – these great bandages are extremely versatile and can be used as a sling, head wrap, improvised tourniquet, direct pressure pad for bleeding wounds, splint for immobilised limbs, donut bandage for embedded objects.. the list is endless!
  • Combine pad – this can be used for any wound pressure and the initial padding of the Pressure Immobilisation method for snake bites.
  • Pair of latex free gloves – preventing contact with contaminants
  • The Kit comes in a Red Robust MOLLE compatible nylon pouch that will easily attach to motorbike, back of ute, belt etc


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