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Aeroform Snake Bite Bandage



Snake Bite Bandage

The AeroForm Premium Snake Bite Bandage with continuous pressure indicators for use with the Pressure immobilisation Technique.


The AeroForm Snake Bite Bandage has been cleverly designed with continuous pressure indicators,

perfect for use with the Pressure Immobilisation Technique. This technique is used for the treatment of all Australian Snake and Funnel Webbed Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell stings. The unique stitching technology ensures the correct pressure is evenly applied over the entire limb, to stop the flow of venom through the lymphatic system. There are 3,000 or so reported snake bites in Australia each year, so our Snake bite bandage is an absolute must to have in your possession if you frequent the Australian outdoors.

This bandage is of sufficient length to bandage a large adult leg.

10cm x 3.3M Un-Stretched
10cm x 10.5M Stretched

Indicators show when the correct level of compression is achieved.


  • Wider and longer than most crepe or elastic bandages.
  • Continuous indicators ensure you have the correct pressure over the entire limb.
  • Suitable for the treatment of all Australian Snake and Funnel Webbed Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell stings.

Snake bites and venom

Snake venom is a deadly cocktail of neurotoxins, myotoxins, and coagulants that cannot directly enter the bloodstream. Instead, they are dispersed by the lymphatic vessels that run parallel to blood vessels and enter the bloodstream through veins near the heart. After bitten by a snake you are put at very high risk of cardiac arrest. This is where treatment is crucial. If the right procedure is followed, the snake venom can be all but stopped before it reaches the blood, purely by using an effective Pressure Immobilisation Technique.


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